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NORDIC – Live In Stockholm

The triology has ended! The 7 piece Nordic improv ensemble has fulfilled their first mission: three improv projects in three capitals. Here is Stockholm.


Songs of the Moment – Live in Copenhagen

We are proud to announce that our full Copenhagen concert is here. A moment we will never forget. With the best audience you could imagine, the most generous funders, helpful camera/sound guys and an inspired Songs of the Moment group.


Songs of the Moment – Live in Helsinki

It was a couple of cold january days in Helsinki, where the group Songs of the Moment – Nordic meet as a group for the first time. We spend 3 days together talking, singing, discussing and doing exercises, while we tried to find out, what a vocal-improvisation-orchestra should be like. The last evening we invited the public to our very first improvised concert together, and what a crowd for a very special debut.

Therefore we are extra proud to present our newest video “Songs of the Moment NORDIC – Helsinki”, a newly edited version of the whole concert from start to finish.