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How we rehearse for an impro concert

Written by: Morten Mosgaard, Songs of the moment

When we do a live concert with Songs of the Moment Nordic, every tune we sing is brand new and made up on the spot. This doesn’t mean that everything happening is “brand new”, since we often use various things to help us get inspired and to help us find a common direction within the music. This is what I have called “Framing” or a “Frame” in my last blog-post: Where do good improvisations come from?. The frame could be set by the beat, genre, harmony, sound, story, actual exercises we have made at the rehearsals or from many other elements. In this case, Framing can be translated into “creating a common understanding of the active musical intentions”. Continue Reading

Where good improvisations come from

This article was first brought on, written by Songs of the Moment member Morten Mosgaard

We know a lot about many things in this world, but there are still things which we can’t really understand fully. One of these things is the process underlying how our brain takes in information, stores this information for later use or how it makes use of this information in the present. This raises a lot of questions about inspiration, creativity, cooperation, communication, learning and so on. My favorite question is this: Do ideas come from within our minds, from outside or from a combination of the two? I see this as a very important question when doing improvisation; therefore, I will try to provide an answer in this article. Continue Reading

Why everyone should do group improvisations

This article was first brought on, written by Songs of the Moment member Morten Mosgaard.

Voxnorth in Bayreuth 5

I truly believe everyone can become a better singer through working with group improvisations. At least I think I have become a better singer because of my focus on improvisation. That’s why I want to share some of the reasons, as I see it, as to why everyone should do group improvisations. This is the first post about the subject, focusing mainly on what improvisation can teach us and how we can use this knowledge every time we sing. Continue Reading