Songs of the Moment and IndieGogo

igg_logo_color_print_black_vWe are proud to be supported by Nordic Culturepoint, who gives us the possibility to meet. And now we are searching for a possibility to share our project further than our live-concerts. We decided that IndieGogo was the place to go.

IndieGogo is a crowdfunding site, where you can make a course and people can support your cause by becoming a funder. A funder can give anything from 1€ to 2000€, and will, depending on the amount, get something back. A thumbs up, an improvisation or even a handmade diploma.

If you want to support our cause, please go to our IndieGogo site and become a funder your self, or tell a friend about our event.

Thanks for your time!

Songs of the Moment nordic goes world wide

The second Songs of moment Nordic-session awaits, and this time we’re streaming live

We are all really proud of our improvisation project. Last time we meet, we left each other with our arms held high after a very special debut concert at KOM teateri in Helsinki Finland. This time we meet in Denmark, and we have set the scene: Hofteatret in Copenhagen. A very rare theater stage, and we can’t wait to share more improvisations with you – that’s why we decided to stream the concert live on the internet, so we can reach not just Copenhagen, but the whole world.

We’ll keep you posted, where to find the stream-link later.

Songs of the Moment – Live in Helsinki

It was a couple of cold january days in Helsinki, where the group Songs of the Moment – Nordic meet as a group for the first time. We spend 3 days together talking, singing, discussing and doing exercises, while we tried to find out, what a vocal-improvisation-orchestra should be like. The last evening we invited the public to our very first improvised concert together, and what a crowd for a very special debut.

Therefore we are extra proud to present our newest video “Songs of the Moment NORDIC – Helsinki”, a newly edited version of the whole concert from start to finish.